Thrustmaster Score-A gamepad


Thrustmaster Score-A gamepad

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Cene bodo znane v roku 9 dni!

Dobava 1-9 dni

Bluetooth® 3.0 wireless technology with optimized latency

made for Android smartphones and tablets,

Android TV boxes, and also compatible with PC and MAC

2x precise mini-sticks for the best accuracy in action games

Perfect ergonomics thanks to non-slip grips

A true gamepad for gamers with 8 buttons and 4 triggers

D-pad for an easy access to 8 directions

3 mappings with presets for the best compatibility:

– Preset 1: Android smartphone & tab

– Preset 2: PC/MAC

– Preset 3: Android TV Boxes


Compatible with : Android 3.0+ smartphones / tablets /

Amazon fire TV / Samsung Box / Android TV / PC & Mac

Over 200 games compatible!

Over 200 games compatible!

3XAAA batteries included deliveringmore than 50 hours of battery life

picto feature

Proven ergonomics for the whole family

4 navigation buttons : Select / Start / Home / Back and 1 pairing button