Thrustmaster GP XID PRO eSport edition


Thrustmaster GP XID PRO eSport edition

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XInput (Xid) standard built into the gamepad

Plug & Play: just plug it in, and you’re ready to go: nothing to install

Instantly recognized as a Xbox gamepad in Windows®: all buttons and axes are allocated to relevant features and actions in games – no setup required


Streamlined design, Xbox One-style ergonomics ensuring optimum, comfortable grip and quick access to all features

Left mini-stick located towards the top (for direct access with left thumb)

Right mini-stick located further down (for direct access with right thumb)

Cross-shaped D-pad located in the lower left section (for direct access with left thumb)

2 high-resolution 16-bit mini-sticks: fully progressive and rubber textured mini-sticks

Optimized handling and comfort

2 times more precise*


2 long, curved progressive triggers, internal mechanism visible : Enhanced precision and control

1 cross-shaped D-pad : Better precision in all 8 directions

12 digital action buttons perfectly situated + 1 Windows® Live shortcut button


*Tests show that the mini-sticks (with optimized firmware) are 2 times more precise than those of other gamepads on the market (tests made in laboratory and in FPS games – performance charts available at

Professional-grade braided cable

Sturdiness, professional grade



PC compatible, and Plug & Play in Windows® Vista, 7, 8 and 10