Thrustmaster BT LED DISPLAY


Thrustmaster BT LED DISPLAY

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Display unit featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology, officially licensed for PlayStation®4, featuring

15 built-in LEDs for tachometer function (RPM)

Central numeric display area indicating gear number

Left and right alphanumeric display areas, each with 4-character x 14-segment displays

6 warning/marshalling LEDs positioned at the left and right of the unit

3 rotary selectors with push button function

On/Off switch

Adjustable brightness

3.8 V / 3000 mAh lithium-ion battery:

From 24 to 48 hours of battery life

Rechargeable via Micro-USB cable*


-Compatible with PS4™ only

-Works with all PS4™ wheels on the market

-Compatible on PlayStation®4* with recommended Thrustmaster racing wheels: T-GT** / T500 RS** / T300 Series** / T150** and T80**; and also with DUALSHOCK®4 controllers*

-Already compatible with the games F1 2017, DiRT 4, WRC 7, Project CARS 2 and Gravel. The list of compatible PS4™ games is available at  (on the BT LED Display page), and is updated regularly.


Box contents

Display unit featuring Bluetooth® wireless technology, user manual and consumer warranty information

*    Not included

**    Sold separately